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May 12, 2009

Would like your comments!

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If we recently spoke to your group or visited the website, please share your comments and suggestions. Join our Facebook group under Circulo de Doce/Circle of 12 too!

Circle of 12 at Drexel University Lebow Business School

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I had the pleasure of speaking to Professor Juli LaRosa’s Social Business Class today. About 50 business students at Drexel. They were great and ask alot of good questions about Circle of 12′s plans for the future, the kids and the sugar industry.  Many stayed after and expressed interest in going on a group trip to volunteer their help, some even with knowledge of Spanish which is fantastic.  Many took my card and flyers, so contact me folks! Alot hinges on our ability to find the funds for our special needs clinic/school in Guayamate, but I would like to do one in 2009 if possible. Many of the students wanted to wear Circulo de Doce bracelets in solidarity with the kids and workers in the cane fields. These bracelets are a great starting point for a conversation and are handmade in the Dominican Republic. If you would like one contact me! This class is doing reports on “Three Cups of Tea” which is a great book. Someday, i’d like to write one about my experiences, but first we need to get the clinic going and help more kids!  We need donations of any size…Please help!

May 7, 2009

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