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January 15, 2010

Haiti and Circle of 12

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Like all of you, my heart breaks and my prayers are with the Haitian people after this tragic earthquake. Please send funds to organizations like Doctors without Borders, Red Cross, Oxfam, CARE, World Vision etc.  As most of you know, almost all the kids we help are Haitian and most have family still there.  I struggle with why Haiti gets continually hit with tragedy after tragedy. On the Circle of 12 side, you may remember that one of our kids Carmela, lost her mom to HIV related illness in December. She has a new caregiver helping her dad and we can restart some PT for her. Mailona is finally getting her new bed/crib and Nanetta seems to be doing better a month after her baby was born.  I am organizing a trip through First Baptist in Moorestown for October 23-30th. If you are interested in going, contact me via this website or via phone!  We have Circulo de Doce handmade bracelets available for only 10 dollars each and proceeds go to defray travels costs to the DR. A great way to show your support for what we do. Please feel free to leave comments and also visit us on Facebook.

January 8, 2010

More Pictures from December Trip

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January 2010 Update

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maria-and-mailona2Thanks for all the nice notes/emails around Christmas! Mailona I think I told you received her new wheel chair and the money has been sent for her new bed. We would like to welcome Greg and Pam as our newest Circle of 12 members. We are planning a fundraiser for late spring so stay tuned.  Also in the near future we’ll be speaking again at Drexel. There will be a group trip going to La Romana in October the 23-30th. If you are a medical professional or just want to go and help you can contact me for more details. As always, we need your help to continue helping others.

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